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Washington Cyber Roundtable


The safety, freedom, and openness of cyberspace are critical to American national security and economic vitality.  Accordingly, our nation’s leaders must address a range of complex policy, regulatory, technical, and training issues associated with a rapidly evolving digital environment.  The private sector, which operates much of the nation’s critical infrastructure, has both common and unique perspectives on these issues.  Offering innovation and agility, industry remains a valuable resource for government agencies as they meet their responsibilities in cyberspace.


The Washington Cyber Roundtable provides a simple and effective mechanism for government and industry to constructively address the most challenging issues related to securing cyberspace.


— Leidos

“An excellent environment for open and candid engagement amongst cyber professionals looking for ideas to solve tough issues. WCR has demonstrated the ability to bring key strategy and decision makers to the table for very small group discussions.”

Recent Event


On September 5th WCR hosted a special roundtable 

lunch event with the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus featuring one of the caucus founders, Congressman Langevin (D-RI). 

This intimate roundtable event provided an overview on the role of the Cybersecurity Caucus in driving cybersecurity legislation and how Congress as a whole handles cyber policy. Attendees participated in a candid discussion with the Congressman and his staff on cyber information sharing between the private and public sectors and what obstacles hinder the process. The need to grow the cyber workforce was also a key discussion topic during the event.

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The following organizations were instrumental in the establishment of the Washington Cyber Roundtable. Their capabilities and insights are helping to build and refine a sustainable public-private framework for cybersecurity.

Accenture  |  Adobe  |  AT&T  |  Avaya Government Solutions  |  Ball Aerospace  |  Cisco Systems |  Fortinet Federal, Inc.  |  General Dynamics  |  Homeland Security Institute  |  HP  |  Intel  |  ITT Exelis  |  NetApp Inc.  |  RSA  |  MITRE Corp.  |  The SI Organization  |  Soro Research

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