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Barbara George, PhD


Executive Director, Washington Cyber Roundtable


Dr. George is an experienced operational academic and subject matter expert with a background in national security, cybersecurity and communications, and strategic planning. Having worked with the Department of Homeland Security since 2003, Dr. George attained industry-recognized results as a key advisor to senior executives within the Federal cybersecurity community and provided sophisticated, innovative ideas and action plans to improve operational management, strategic partnerships and communications for enhanced effectiveness, reduced inefficiencies and optimized mission results. Consulting roles for several firms include principal analyst, cyber strategist, senior intelligence and operations analyst, and senior homeland security specialist.


Dr. George is a retired military officer whose career supported the airlift community in a variety of roles--administrative command, executive support, and quality improvement. A certified Reality Therapist, Dr. George combines perception management and executive/organizational development to enhance strategies for growth with an entrepreneurial emphasis in a fluid environment.

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