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Washington Cyber Roundtable Announces Antonella O’Brien Joining Board of Directors

Washington, DC August 27, 2018 — The Washington Cyber Roundtable (WCR) announced today the appointment of Antonella O’Brien, Executive Director of the Small Business Development Consortium, to its Board of Directors.

“We are pleased to have Antonella join our Board of Directors and I look forward to working with her to further develop the WCR,” said Dr. Barbara George, WCR’s Executive Director. “Small businesses are critical to creating the cybersecurity technology and practices of tomorrow. With Antonella’s intimate knowledge of this demographic we will ensure small businesses have a meaningful seat at the table with government leaders,” Dr. George said.

George Meyers, Chairman of the Board, added: “Antonella’s proven success in market and business development will be a major asset to the WCR. Her creativity and energy will be essential to guiding WCR into the future,” Mr. Meyers said. “With Antonella’s collaborative spirit and experience I am confident she is an excellent addition to the WCR Board and will be an asset in growing the organization.”

About Antonella O’Brien

Antonella O’Brien has worked in Federal facing marketing and business development positions for over 20 years with leading companies including TransUnion, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, The Meyers Group and NJVC among others.

She has consulted with multiple small businesses in development of services and solutions in the Federal and SLED marketplace. As the Executive Director of the Small Business Development Consortium (SBDC), Ms. O'Brien is working to provide visibility for small business across the Federal landscape.

Her passion for this market was solidified when she worked for a women's business PAC in her first role in Washington, D.C. Ms. O'Brien lives in the D.C. metro area with her husband Michael and their two young sons.


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