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Cybersecurity Training for House Members

The House of Representatives passed H.Res.756 on March 10, 2020. This included a requirement for all House Members to take cybersecurity training.

Dr. Barbara George, executive director of the Washington Cyber Roundtable, commented in a press released by Congresswoman Kathleeen Rice on the cascading benefits of cyber hygiene and why this benefits our nation's cyber posture.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. George's quote from the press release:

“The cybersecurity community applauds the positive movement forward--cybersecurity and information security training is important professionally and personally,” said Barbara George, executive director of the Washington Cyber Roundtable. “Understanding how the threats and vulnerabilities can affect our national security as well as our private lives is a must do! Training helps us be prepared: wondering how to respond to ransomware when you cannot access your data or systems is not the time to review your options. House Members must model the leadership decision-making that the American people need to emulate.”

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